​Howard Dash

Howard and his wife Lilly Rawlyk have been growing and showing iris since the 1980's.  Originally from the Hudson Valley of New York, they moved to Southern New Mexico in 2009.

Howard is an iris judge with the American Iris Society.  He has attended many American Iris Society National Conventions in different parts of the country.  I'm 2010 Howard started hybridizing iris.

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We're dedicated to growing and hybridizing beautiful iris.

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Arilbred - OGB-

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​Arilbred - OGB

Howard began Picacho Mountain Iris in 2016.

With the warm, sunny climate of Southern New Mexico, many types of iris grow well.  Howard's first irises were tall bearded crosses.   He has also begun crossing other types of iris, including arilbreds.  He has been working on reblooming iris which bloom both in the spring and fall.  He hopes to have future introductions that rebloom in zone 8 as well as other parts of the country.

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